Wet Film Thickness Gauges Since 1992!

This gauge is a simple but effective instrument used to determine the thickness of wet paints and similar coatings immediately after application. The expected dry film thickness can then be calculated.

What We Do

Manufacturing precision gauges to accurately measure the Wet Film thickness of inks, gels, coatings, adhesives, paints and almost any other wet film that may be applied to surfaces.



Aluminum  & Vinyl Wet Film Thickness Gauges

Imprinted custom logos & company Info on gauges

We manufacture both Hexagonal & Square Shapes

About Us

Zoramco, Inc. was established in 1992 in Cleveland, Ohio, and has recently moved to Lisbon, Iowa.  We are family owned and operated and ship our Wet Film Thickness Gauges world-wide!



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Zoramco, Inc.

110 East 4th Avenue
Lisbon, IA 52253

(319) 270-0415 Phone


Welcome to Zoramco, Inc.


Family owned & operated
since 1992. Manufacturer
of Wet Film Thickness
Gauges shipping world-wide.

Zoramco, Inc. and its products,
are totally independent of any
other corporation. We proudly
serve world commerce
through the distribution,

production and design of quality physical testing instruments for
the paint, coatings and related industries. These include the
automotive, aerospace, specialty chemical, petroleum, plastics,
pharmaceutical and food among others. Our working knowledge
of instrumentation and application acquired over the years goes
to assure that customer needs are met with the appropriate
response along with continued support.